The truth is, traveling changes you. In the best and worst ways possible. You become suddenly aware of how big this world actually is, of how little you’ve seen of life and how eager you are to discover, to explore, to get to know. You want to take pictures and you want to memorize all these amazing places and you want to breathe in that air and feel, for the very first time, that you are truly free. That you are truly happy. You want to learn those languages and all that history and you want to look into all those strangers’ eyes and see mirrored in them the same feelings you are having. You will see that. You will share this wordless amazement that keeps our bodies moving and adrenaline running in our veins. The unknown is powerful. The unknown moves you in ways you can never quite put your finger on.
But once you start traveling, you never want to stop; you become restless, like no place is really enough for all the thirst you have. You need to get packing, you need to get going, you need to leave everything else behind to go after what makes you feel better, what keeps you alive. What gives you emotion. You want more. And more.
Go ahead. Travel.

Camilla Bazzanella (via jamiemcvey)